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Resource Material
1. Women's Rights
1.1 Women's Rights Protection Acts (14 Acts), Three editions (2000, 2003 &2007)
1.2 Criminal Minor Acts on Women's Rights
a. Dowry Prohibition Act 1961
b. Tamil Nadu Women Harassment (Prevention) Act1998
c. Indecent Representation of Women (prevention) Act 1986
1.3 Awareness Material on prevention of harassment in work places (Supreme Court Judgment)
1.4 Protection of Women from domestic violence Act
1.5 Hindu Marriage Acts

2. Human Rights
2.1 Human Rights Awareness Education- 2 series
2.2 Collection of Lectures on Human Rights By Justice P.B. Sawant (2006)
2.3 Do You Know Your Rights on Arrest -poster
2.4 Awareness Material on procedures to be Followed During Arrest (Supreme Court Judgment)
2.5 Voice of Human Rights (Monthly RUC news bulletin )
2.6 Higher Education… Reservation…Backward communities…(Both in Tamil & English)
3. Labour Rights
3.1 Beedi Workers Rights and Laws & Welfare measures
3.2 Rights of Beedi & cigar Workers
3.3 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Election-2006 (A guidance for Good Governance)
4. Health Rights
4.1 Community Health- Training Manual
4.2 Material on Health Rights Awareness
5. Disaster Risk Reduction
5.1 Disaster and Children
5.2 Insurance: A Risk Transfer Factor
5.3 Disaster Management Acts 2005
5.4 A Guide to Participatory Vulnerability Assessment
5.5 Tsunami Relief Measures
5.6 A Guide to Disaster Risk Reduction Management
5.7 Tamil Nadu Government Orders on Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation Programme and Disaster Management Bill 2005
5.8 A Guide to Disaster Risk Reduction Plan- Cattle Rearing
5.9 Climate Change Induced Drought & Flood
5.10 Building Resilient Communities: A training Manual on Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (Translation in Tamil Language)
5.11 Droughtbusters in Thiurnelveli, a rain shadow area in South India, Local women's groups leave a wet foot print
5.12 Drought Risk reduction success story
6. Organic Farming
6.1 Organic Ecological Agriculture- Special Training Guide
6.2 Organic Agricultural Foundation Training Guide
6.3 Animal Husbandry Training Guide
6.4 Disaster Risk Reduction Programme in Agriculture
6.5 A training Guide for Organic Farming
6.6 Souvenir - 2007
6.7 Souvenir - 2009
6.8 Souvenir - 2011
6.9 Bio- backyard gardening
6.10 Multiple Cropping
6.11 Soil and Water Conservation
6.12 Seed production technology
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