Chief Functionary

Chief Functionary of RUC

Mr. A.Maria James
Chief Functionary of RUC

Mr. A.Maria James, one of the founder members of Rural Uplift Centre has undergone the following trainings and participated in many International, Regional and National events. Please find below some of them.


  1. Protection of Environment for disaster resilience jointly organized by Wetlands International & Cordaid, held in Malaysia.
  2. Middle Manager's training on Rural Development by International Institute for Rural Reconstruction, Manila, Philippines.
  3. Rehabilitation for the project affected persons- Jointly organized by World Bank & Government of Tamil Nadu.
  4. Societal Analysis & Community Development, Indian Social Institute, Bangalore, India
  5. Financial Management of Non-profit making organization.
  6. Organic Farming principles by Agriculture, Man & Ecology, The Netherlands
  7. Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction strategy- Cordaid, The Netherlands.
  8. Rights of the HIV affected jointly organized by University of Zurich, Switzerland
  9. Environment Education for schools, Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad.

Participation in international events: 

  1. Third and fourth session on Disaster Risk Reduction jointly organized by United Nation International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and World Bank at Switzerland during May 2011 & May 2013.
  2. Crisis manager's Trainers' manual preparation meeting jointly organised by United Nations & European Union held at Rome 2002.
  3. Regional level preparatory meeting on Common wealth conference jointly organized by AIDMI , Dignity International and secretariat of Common wealth.
  4. People's submit on South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, held in Sri Lanka
  5. International Conference on Organic farming held at Lednice, Czech Republic.
  6. Protection of the rights of the Flood victims jointly organized by Cordaid, The Netherlands, National Disaster Management Institute of India and All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
  7. International Conference on Human Rights, jointly organized by UN & JNU, New Delhi
  8. World Social Forum-Mumbai
  9. World March 2000 for ensuring the rights of women
  10. Asian Social Forum, Hyderabad & Indian Social Forum, New Delhi
  11. Human Chain protest for withdrawal of debt to third world countries held at Birmingham, London
  12. Regular annual campaigns against all forms of torture, campaign against violence & poverty on women & children, campaign against human rights violations
  13. Participated in the International Conference on localisation of Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management held at Manila, Philippines.
  14. Participated in the international conference on Ensuring Livelihood and Biodiversity. Organised by Wetland International at Malaysia.