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Creche Programme
Result: Children below 5 years of old acquired preschool training, enabled the parents to earn their livelihood and reduced dropout rate.
Partnership: Central Social welfare Board-New Delhi/Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board - Chennai
Area of operation: Thalapathisamuthram, Elangulam and Kallathi villages of Tirunelveli District.
Project period: April to March (Every year)
RUC is running four pre-schools in Thalapathisamuthram (2-units), Elangulam and Kallathi villages of Nanguneri Taluk, Tirunelveli District having 100 students. They are getting preschool training, mid day meals and health care support. Children are facilitated to increase their motor development, knowledge development, social development, physical development, and language development. Good habits and mutual love are inculcated on the children.
Results of the programme:
Rural children acquired skills to undergo primary school education
The elder ones are relieved from caring of the younger brother/sister by leaving the school and enabled to continue the schooling without break.
The beedi rolling women and agricultural labourers are relieved from the task of child care during the working hours and are able to earn for the livelihood of the family.
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