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Promotion of Organic Farming Practices in Kanyakumari District
Result: Small &marginal farmers have acquired the skills on organic farming strategy for their own food security
Partnership: Indesch Patens Chaften, Luxembourg
Area of operation: Mylaudy, Moolachel, Kurunthancode, Marthandam, Esanthimangalam, Senbagaramanputhur and Thittuvilai zones of Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.
Project period: 01.04.2007 to 31.03.2012
Activities carried out:
SI No Activities carried out No. of beneficiaries
1 Capacity Building Trainings on organic farming strategy 1580
2 Conducted sixteen one day and four three days exposure visit to universities and pilot farms 600
3 Capacity Building Trainings on Cattle rearing 140
4 Conducted four Organic farmers conferences 1500
5 Prepared and published fifteen training guides on organic farming and cattle rearing 480 trainees,
Students of agriculture colleges,
NGOs and farmers
6 Conducted campaigns through electronic & print media on Organic farming General public
7 Weekly market on organic products in Kanjiracode General public
Organic Farming trainings
Organic agriculture- Exhibition of plantains, vegetables, medicinal plants, roots, fruits etc
Exposure visit by experts & Students:
25 Agricultural Officers and one scientist from Kerala Agricultural University, Vellayani, Kerala State and Students of various Agriculture Universities visited the fields of the organic farmers and acquired an in-depth knowledge on organic farming practices.
Direct results of the project
All the four hundred and eighty beneficiaries acquired organic farming technology on producing food grains and rearing cattle for ensuring food security and sustainability. The details are:-
1200 farmers are adopting organic farming system in 250 hectare area and are producing vegetables, paddy, coconut, fruits, flowers, cereals, herbs etc.
979 farmers are involved in cattle rearing, piggery, rabbit rearing, mushroom, fish culture, bee keeping and are earning an average income of Rs: 200/- per day.
118 farmers are producing compost on commercial basis and are earning an average income of Rs: 6000/- per month.
623 farmers are producing traditional seeds and exchanging the seeds among the organic farmers.
Results of joint interventions:
The District Collector has issued an order prohibiting the use of agriculture land for construction of houses and other commercial buildings.
The District Administration is conducting 3rd Friday of every month as Farmer’s grievance day to listen the grievances of organic farmers.
Government is encouraging organic farming by providing support to organic farmers.
Impact of the project:
Small & Marginal farmers ensured food security and sustainability and become the pioneers of familiarizing the organic farming strategy in Kanyakumari District.
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