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Economic and Social Development of Beedi Workers
Result: 5456 families have increased their monthly income at an average of Rs. 1000/- .
Area of operation: Tirunelveli District Micro Credit assistance is being given to poor women beedi workers for their socio-economic development. Small savings scheme is being functional from March 2004 in order to protect them from the hardship of usurers and enhance their family income. RUC assisted 5456 women beedi workers and their families with Rs. 2,99,83,389.42/- (rupees two crore ninety nine lac eighty three thousand three hundred and eighty nine and paise forty two). The details are as follows.
SI No Topics and target group No. of beneficiaries Amount in Rs
Agriculture operations 2236 12210000
Educational expenses 602 3577389.42
House maintenance 661 3982000
Purchase of Labour equipments 137 677000
Medical expenses 175 923000
Petty business 688 3614000
Purchase of cattle 892 4362000
Purchase of land 34 345000
Social expenses 4 58000
Debt Relief 27 235000
Total 5456 29983389.42
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