Emergency Relief

The Cyclone Relief Programme at Cuddalore District

Result: Two thousands families restored their normal life including two thousands pupils
Project period: 01.01.2012 to 31.03.2012

The cyclone named 'Thane" with the wind speed of 125 km/hr hit the Cuddalore, Villupuram, Nagapattinam District along with other Districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Union Territory on 29th and 30 th of December 2011 and caused severe damages.
Caddalore district authorities estimated that 365882 houses were damaged. Out of which completely damaged huts 73292, partly damaged huts 196385 and partly damaged semi pucca houses 96205. The internally displaced people, whose houses were damages are living in the streets and are exposed to sunlight during the day time and severe cold at night.
Loss of Livelihood means & employment:
Cuddalore District's major livelihood means are cashew, coconut, sugarcane, casuarinas, agriculture and fishing. Around 8 lakhs hectares of standing crops were destroyed by the cyclone . Mostly 15 years old cashew trees were uprooted, fallen and destroyed by the cyclone. The coconut groves, jack fruit trees, cashew farms, sugarcane, wind breaker casuarinas plantations and most of the trees were uprooted. It is to be noted that 90 percentage of the bio-mass in Cuddalore was destroyed.

The impact of cyclone has lost the livelihood means of the people, those who are mainly depending upon the cashew, Jack fruits, coconuts, casuarinas trees and agriculture. The fishing vessels and nets were damaged.
Electricity and Communication:
The electricity supply system was completely damaged. Due to this the water supply system and communication system were completely paralyzed. 27 high voltage electricity towers, 147 transformers, 4500 distribution lines, 3600 electricity poles and 350 km long power lines were damaged.
Drinking Water and Sanitation:
The failure of electricity system, the Panchayats and Tamil Nadu Water supply board was unable to supply drinking water to the people from 30 th of December 2011. The water logging in some places is a threat to further aggravation of health problems.
The cyclone uprooted the trees and damaged the houses. The streets and roads were filled with uprooted trees, garbage, debris of huts & houses and other wastes. The debris was not removed either by the local public or by local administration except from the National and State High ways.
Loss of educational aids to Students:
The rain followed by the Cyclone damaged Text books, Note books, School bags, uniforms and writing materials of students.
Impact on the Environment:
The Average forest cover in Tamil Nadu is only 17%. But the Cuddalore District is having only 5% a meager forest cover. Now due to the cyclone "Thane" 90% of the forest cover of Cuddalore District was destroyed. This will have severe impact on the livelihood in future.
RUC intervention:
RUC selected 2000 families in collaboration with Rural Education & Development Centre (Vandurayanpet,Bhuvanagiri, Cudalore) and provided temporary roof material (taurpalin 120 gsm-21x 18 square feet), two lungies, one saree, two bed sheets, one kg. of milk powder, mosquito net and one candle to the beneficiaries as listed below:
SI No Name of the village Name of the Panchayat/ Municipality Number of beneficiaries
1 S.R. Colony, Cuddalore Cudalore 27
2 Puthukuppam Cudalore 48
3 Andarmullipallam Cudalore 400
4 Ammeri Ammeneri 291
5 Miraloor Miraloor 165
6 Kathazhai Kathazhai 83
7 Pinnaloor Pinnaloor 174
8 Manchakollai Manchakollai 101
9 Valaiyamadevi Valaiyamadevi 72
10 Azhichikudi Allizhikudi 353
11 Vatharayanthattu Vatharayanthattu 78
12 Ambalpuram Ambalpuram 97
13 Uluthoor Uluthoor 39
14 Nellikollai Nellikollai 72



RUC provided five note books, geometry box and school bag each to two thousand school going children, who have lost their education materials belongs to the following villages:
Results of direct implementation of the programme:
2000 families restored their normal life from the trauma and damages caused by the Cyclone.
2000 students are able to continue their studies without difficulties and prevented from dropout.