Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

Fourth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
Geneva, 21-23 May 2013
Resilient People, Resilient Planet

Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reductiont

The Global Platform for Disaster Reduction was established in 2007 as a biennial forum for information exchange, discussion of latest development and knowledge and partnership building across sectors, with the goal to improve implementation of disaster risk reduction through better communication and coordination amongst stakeholders. The Global Platform is organized by UNISDR, the UN's office for disaster risk reduction and secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

The Fourth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster risk Reduction aims to continue the momentum of the prior Global Platform meetings, into a durable and sustained effort from all actors (governments, NGOs and civil society, international agencies and organizations, academic and technical institutions, and the private sector) to take shared responsibility in reducing risks and reinforcing resilience in our communities. The Fourth Session is an opportunity to progress and consult on the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA).The Fourth Session of the Global Platform held in Geneva at the International Conference Centre from Sunday 19 May to Thursday 23 May 2013.

Key outcomes of the Fourth Session:

  • A stronger and more sustainable ISDR movement world-wide that leads to increased responsibility for reinforcing resilience to disasters.
  • A dynamic and trend-setting forum for decision makers, partners, experts and practitioners announced initiatives, launch products, share information, promote campaigns, and provide evidence around disaster risk reduction.
  • Directions and new alliances for the development and use of new tools and methodologies aimed at understanding and applying the economics and investment in disaster risk reduction.
  • A forum to discuss progress and consult over a post-Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA2).
  • Progress achieved on the 2011 Global Platform
  • Priorities and directions reflected in the outcome document - Chair's Summary  in